FSP Global Products

FSP Global is a reputed brand that offers a variety of heavy-duty and superior quality plastic products that is at the forefront of the wider plastics industry. 

History of FSP Global – FSP Australia

In 1997 FSP was awarded with the contract of the upgrading and fire proofing of Caterpillar Mining trucks through-out Australia. This was born out of a safety requirement to protect the drivers in the instance of an engine fire, so they may escape over the FSP engine cover. This innovative mindset of FSP focused on safety and durability has grown the company to what it is today.

Engineering and plastic products

Our specialist engineering skills based in Australia ensures certainty across our technically advanced structural, mechanical and industrial products spanning the agriculture, coal, iron ore, natural gas, LNG and metalliferous sectors. We take a practical and proactive approach to assist clients providing innovative solutions. We work with our clients from the onset to understand their requirements and utilise  our expertise to provide a unique solution that helps improve functionality. Every detail counts in industrial operations, including optimal logistics, trouble-free processes, and the highest levels of efficiency.

FSP has a sophisticated MRP system that manages its manufacturing, customer relations and logistics functions. FSP utilieses Accentis as a full business operations system. FSP supplies products both globally and throughout Australia on many large corporate contracts in many countries in both metropolitan and remote locations. These contracts are all performed under strict KPI’s. FSP manages its supply chain under strict KPI to ensure full end to end supply chain efficiency and performance to ensure on time, on budget delivery of high quality products to our clients.

Partner with us

Join us and discover why more and more solution providers around the world look to us as their distribution partner.