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UV Stable and Corrosion-Resistant Plastic Products for Civil Aviation 

Efficient ground handling operations are an integral part of the civil aviation industry. These operations are complex, and the handlers at ground level have to carry out numerous activities within a confined space. It therefore becomes imperative to have the right safety equipment. If you are searching for a quality-tested and durable range of products to address safety concerns, contact FSP Global Products

FSP Global Products has delivered an extensive range of plastic products designed for the civil aviation sector since 1996. Being a pioneer within the plastic industry, our products offer unsurpassed quality and extreme durability even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.  

Additionally, our wide range of high-density polyethylene plastic uniform lockers allows the staff to keep their uniforms safely while off-duty.  

Our products are made using the latest rotational moulding technology, thus offering better customisation options. In addition, these UV stabilised products are resistant to the corrosive impact of water, salt or harsh chemicals. 

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