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    • REGGIE POST Quick View
    • FSP Global Products is a distributor of unique alternatives to steel or wooden posts. Our Reggie posts are used for agricultural purposes and salt water oyster farming and many other purposes. Made from high density polyethylene, our range of Reggie posts are UV stable and don't break easily when bent. Moreover, they are trimmer friendly and enable efficient harvesting of…
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    • PVC Fence Post Quick View
    • PVC Fence Post
    • Post and Rail Fence - Extrusion/Post We have designed and engineered unique components for our post and rail fencing system. All the part connect securely with each other to create multiple types of fencing to fit for your requirements. The components are rust, saltwater and UV resistant. An ideal long term replacement option for steel or wooden fencing. No more…
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    • Post and Rail Fencing Quick View
    • Post and Rail Fencing
    • Fence Post Cap End cap - Fits our post/extrusion No More Painting - Post and Rail Fencing Possible uses are horse paddock fences, livestock holding yards and industrial fencing. The Post & Rail Fence is a system of modular components for constructing heavy-duty  pvc fences.
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    • PVC Post & Rail Fence T Bracket Quick View
    • PVC Post & Rail Fence T Bracket
    • PVC Post and Rail T-Fence Bracket Connection  - Inner Kit The  T-connections is used to in the PVC post and rail fence system. The pvc post and rail fence bracket inner kit supplied with 2 part that is assembled and slides over the extrusion rail/post. At last a fence that does not need painting and will last for years.
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    • PVC Post and Rail angle kit Quick View
    • PVC Post and Rail angle kit
    • PVC Post & Rail Angle Join Connection Used to create an angle join for our PVC post & rail fence system. The post & rail PVC angle join kit comes in two-part that is assembled and slides over the extrusion rail/post. Finally, a fence that does not need painting and will last for years.
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The demand for UV stabilised, heavy-duty and corrosion-proof and organic Posts have surged in the recent years! Become a distributor, reseller or sales agent of high quality agricultural fencing products like our post and rail solutions and Reggie Posts. Drawing from our two decades of experience, our range of quality fence posts are a perfect fit for farming and rural industries.

Your Trusted Fence Post Manufacturer:

As Australia’s leading fence post manufacturer, we use the finest quality raw materials and innovative techniques to produce high-end products. We provide a wide range of fence posts, including Reggie Post, PVC Fence Post, Reggie Post Pallet, PVC Picket Post, and many more. These UV stabilised fence posts are designed to deliver high performance with zero maintenance requirements.

Become a Distributor or Reseller of Our Fence Posts and Rail Fencing:

FSP Global offers a perfect opportunity to grow your business by partnering with us. Become a distributor or reseller of our fence posts and rail fencing, and other high-end -plastic products to take your business to the next level. Kindly get in touch with us today to get more information.