Fire Extinguisher Cabinet 450RM

Product Code: CFE0450RED

320mm W x 320mm D x 660mm H
Cabinet holds 4.5kg fire extinguisher

  • UV stable.
  • Will not rust.
  • Sight glass for gauge inspection.
  • Break glass for lockable cabinets.
  • Optional locking/non locking t-handles.
  • Drain hole in base.
  • Fitted with a step, to assist with the removal of the extinguisher.


Sturdy Fire Extinguisher Cabinets – 450RM

Extreme weather conditions such as rain, heat or sub-zero temperatures can cause corrosion and critical damage to fire extinguishers. It is also necessary to keep the extinguishers secure to prevent unauthorised use. If you are looking for the best-quality and sturdy fire extinguisher cabinets, FSP Global has the right solution for you. 

Structural features in our rotationally moulded cabinets are reinforced into different sections. This adds strength and durability, making it hard to break into the cabinets or cause any intentional damage. They are also very durable, being resistant to scratches, dents and damage from weather.

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