Product Code: HRM700/19-25C

Dimensions: Length: 800mm Width:
760mm Height: 930mm
Weight: Empty – 140kg –
W190kg (charged)
120m x 19mm
100m x 25mm
25mm. Tested at 2100kpa (300psi)
Galvanized steel frame.



  • Ensure water supply to Mobile Reel is ON and fully charged.
  • Isolation valve on Mobile Reel is turned to the ON position.
  • Manoeuvre Mobile Reel to face direction of hose deployment.
  • Run out hose firmly gripping the nozzle and hose (second person at Mobile Reel required to aid in control of hose deployment).
  • Turn on water at nozzle and direct the stream of water at the base of the fire.
  • Fully charge hose before rewinding.
  • Rewind hose in even layers until the nozzle is returned to the hose guide.
  • Turn OFF water at isolation valve and open nozzle to release pressure then close nozzle.
  • Return Mobile Reel to its original position.