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    • 1500 LITER ROUND TANK Quick View
    • Are they Strong? Oz Water Tanks have been designed for longevity and are extremely strong. Ribbed walls are designed to enforce and prevent bulging. Tanks are moulded in one piece, there are no joints or weak points therefore no leaks will occur. Every Oz Water Tank has four overflows that enable the customer to cut a hole where it suits…
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    • 3000 LITER SLIMLINE TANK Quick View
    • Recommended Site Installation: A concrete base or crusher dust mix with cement must be used on level ground only, as based to ensure 10 years of water tank warranty. A retainer should be placed around the fill to stop material from being washed away.
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    • 3000 Litre Round Tank Quick View
    • 3000 Litre Round Tank
    • The Oz Water Tanks Warranty Oz Water Tanks are made from virgin polyethylene, we do not use reconstituted or previously used materials(recycled). For that reason, every Oz Water Tank comes with a 10 year warranty. UV Stabilised All OZ Water Tanks are UV stabilised to ensure long lasting durability to withstand the harsh Australian sun. Specially designed grade Polyethylene tank…
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    • 5000 LITER ROUND TANK Quick View
    • Compliance Oz Water Tanks meet Australian Standard AS/NZS4766, which specifies tough measures in design and manufacturing under taken to meet that requirement and also includes Australian standard AS 2070 food grade/AS 4020 for drinking water. Oz Water Tanks are FEA certified.
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FSP Global is regarded as an industry leader and delivers a superior range of plastic water tanks. Made from high-density polyethylene, our products come with warranties and require minimal maintenance. Featuring ribbed walls, these tanks don’t leak and are guarantee to meet all the customer’s needs.