A Series - School Locker

Number #1 Seller Locker

  • Solid colour (no Paint or laminate).
  • UV resistant.
  • Corrosion and Weather resistant.
  • Won’t dent.
  • Secure locker loop anti-theft system.

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Our A series locker is our most popular locker model.

It is available with many doors and size combinations for use with smaller items to large equipment.

It arrives to you fully assembled and comes in 25 colours.

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A Series Locker Sizes 

Hinges Width Depth Height
1 380mm 450mm 250mm
2 380mm 450mm 465mm
3 380mm 450mm 670mm
4 380mm 450mm 880mm
5* 380mm 450mm 1090mm
6 380mm 450mm 1300mm
7* 380mm 450mm 1510mm
8 380mm 450mm 1720mm
9 380mm 450mm 1930mm


* Contact our locker experts here for availability of this size.

Additional information

Length 450mm
Height mm
Width 380mm