200ltr Drum Cover Lid


  • UV resistant.
  • Anti-Fade colour.
  • Loose fit for fast access.
  • No Sharp edges.
  • Extra rigid construction (won’t bend).
  • One piece construction.
  • 60cm diameter.
  • Suites Steel or Plastic 200ltr drums.

*Other colours available on request

$35.55 EX. GST


Plastic Drum Cover-Lid

Protect your 200 litre drums from dust, pest, insects and external contaminants.

Smooth finish-no sharp edges to cause injury.

Our 200 litre (55 Gallon) Drum Covers Lids are made of heavy-duty UV resistant plastic (LLDPE).
Has a convenient handle for easy and fast removal.

Corrosion resistant to salt and other chemical.

We have blue and black colour in stock.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Length 60mm
Height 15mm
Width 60mm